Web Design != Web Development

Web development is the back-end of the website,
the programming and interactions on the pages.

Javascript != Java

Java and Javascript are similar like Car and Carpet are similar.

!= means not equal to

"There are 10 kinds of people in the world: those who understand binary numerals, and those who don't."
Ian Stewart
Note: 10 in binary is same as 2 in decimal...
Men - Poem by Maya Angelou

When I was young, I used to
Watch behind the curtains
As men walked up and down the street.
Wino men, old men.
Young men sharp as mustard.
See them. Men are always
Going somewhere.
They knew I was there. Fifteen
Years old and starving for them.
Under my window, they would pauses,
Their shoulders high like the
Breasts of a young girl,
Jacket tails slapping over
Those behinds,

One day they hold you in the
Palms of their hands, gentle, as if you
Were the last raw egg in the world. Then
They tighten up. Just a little. The
First squeeze is nice. A quick hug.
Soft into your defenselessness. A little
More. The hurt begins. Wrench out a
Smile that slides around the fear. When the
Air disappears,
Your mind pops, exploding fiercely, briefly,
Like the head of a kitchen match. Shattered.
It is your juice
That runs down their legs. Staining their shoes.
When the earth rights itself again,
And taste tries to return to the tongue,
Your body has slammed shut. Forever.
No keys exist.

Then the window draws full upon
Your mind. There, just beyond
The sway of curtains, men walk.
Knowing something.
Going someplace.
But this time, I will simply
Stand and watch.

Maya Angelou

HTML is a markup language for describing web pages.

CSS describes how HTML elements are to be displayed on screen, paper, or in other media CSS saves a lot of work. It can control the layout of multiple web pages all at once External stylesheets are stored in CSS files

JavaScript is an interpreted programming or script language. In general, script languages are easier and faster to code in than the more structured and compiled languages such as C and C++.

Binary numbers:	   
0       0   1     0    1   1   0   1     = 45
128  64  32  16   8   4   2   1	     	 

Matsuo Basho - First Day Of Spring
First day of spring
I keep thinking about
the end of autumn.

Love and Friendship by Emily Bronte

Love is like the wild rose-briar,
Friendship like the holly-tree
The holly is dark when the rose-briar blooms

But which will bloom most constantly?
The wild rose-briar is sweet in spring,
Its summer blossoms scent the air;
Yet wait till winter comes again
And who will call the wild-briar fair?
Then scorn the silly rose-wreath now
And deck thee with the holly's sheen,
That when December blights thy brow
He may still leave thy garland green.

Midnight trolley - Bulat Okudzhava

When trouble engulfs me and all strength is gone,
When utter despair is advancing,
I enter the blue trolleybus on the run,
The last one,
By chance there.

Night trolley, keep speeding with all of your might
And whirl on the boulevards faster,
To pick up the rest who've endured in the night

Night trolley, at once, fling your doors open wide!
For once, I can see it all plainly:
Your passengers - sailors, in the wintery night,
Are coming
To aid me.

So many a time they would save me from grief,
I stood with them here in alliance,
There's plenty of kindness, would you believe,
In silence,
In silence.

Night trolley, you flow all through Moscow ahead,
And, river-like, Moscow is fading,
And the pain that would beat starling-like in my head
Has started