Groknet ##### WAN Connection Type: Dynamic IP 2.4GHz:Network Name (SSID): groknet 2.4GHz:Network Security Type: Most Secure (WPA2-PSK) 2.4GHz:Network Security Key: ***** 5GHz: Network Name (SSID): groknet 5GHz: Network Security Type: Most Secure (WPA2-PSK) 5GHz: Network Security Key: ***** Able IP MAC Address 56-52-CB-30-98-E9 All connections on WPA (enabled) All connections on WPD (enabled) Figures in parentheses refer to the 7-day period ending Dec 31 2016 at 1:44 PM. Successful requests: 112,260 (14,889) Average successful requests per day: 269 (2,126) Successful requests for pages: 74,871 (2,661) Average successful requests for pages per day: 179 (380) Failed requests: 41,156 (39) Distinct files requested: 2,510 (251) Distinct hosts served: 15,386 (164) Data transferred: 641.92 megabytes (113.65 megabytes) Average data transferred per day: 1.54 megabytes (16.24 megabytes)