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    Ukraine rivers

    Ukraine Ukraine
    The Dniester River, or Dnister River
    is a river in Eastern Europe. It runs first through Ukraine and then through Moldova (from which it separates the breakaway territory of Transnistria), finally discharging into the Black Sea on Ukrainian territory again.
    The Dnieper River
    (also known as: Dnepr, Dnyapro or Dnipro) is one of the major rivers of Europe (fourth by length), rising near Smolensk, Russia and flowing through Russia, Belarus and Ukraine to the Black Sea. It is the longest river of Ukraine and Belarus and the fourth longest river in Europe.
    The Southern Buh,
    also called Boh River (in Ukrainian) and Southern Bug (in Russian), is a river located in Ukraine. The second longest river in Ukraine.
    The Danube
    is Europe's second-longest river, after the Volga River, and also the longest river in the European Union region. It is located in Central and Eastern Europe. Originating in Germany, the Danube flows southeast for 2,860 km (1,780 mi), passing through or touching the border of Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine before emptying into the Black Sea. Its drainage basin extends into nine more countries.
    The Pripyat River
    is a river in Eastern Europe, approximately 761 km (473 mi) long.[1] It flows east through Ukraine, Belarus, and Ukraine again, draining into the Dnieper.

    Ukraine mountains

    The Carpathians
    are a mountain system located in eastern Europe, and the source of the Dniester, Tisza and Vistula Rivers. They form the natural border between Slovakia and southern Poland, and then extend southward through Ukraine and into Romania.

    Mount Hoverla
    at 2,061 metres (6,762 ft), is the highest mountain in Ukraine and part of the Carpathian Mountains.

    Ukraine lakes

    is a freshwater lake located in the southern Ukrainian oblast of Odessa. The largest natural lake in Ukraine, it covers an area of 149 kmĀ², has an average depth of about 2 metres, a maximum depth of 5.5 metres and, at its southernmost point, adjoins Lake Kugurluy.