Digitech Vocal 300

Digitech Vocal 300 Digitech Vocal 300 Digitech Vocal 300
DigiTech®'s Vocal 300
is a Vocal Effects Processor with a built-in expression pedal. Equipped with multiple mic preamp types, the Vocal 300 is ideal for both warm classic vocals or cutting edge distortion and lo-fi styles. The exclusive voice "characters" transform your voice from the scariest of monsters to spacey alien beings. The Vocal 300 comes with 38 fully programmable studio quality effects (up to 7 effects at once). The built-in expression pedal can be assigned to control your choice of up to 3 parameters in real-time. Each effect includes up to 4 adjustable parameters, giving you total flexibility to create the sound you want. The 6 character alphanumeric and 2 character numeric displays, combined with the undefined-knob matrix editing system, provide a simple straightforward user interface. The Vocal 300 also includes 40 great sounding Factory Presets and 40 User Presets for your own custom creations. The rear panel features a 1/8" CD input for singing along with your favorite music, a 1/4" unbalanced input, a balanced XLR input, a balanced XLR mono output, a 1/4" TRS stereo line output and a 1/8" headphone output. Digitech Vocal 300
Mic pre & voice characters Compression EQ Noise Gate Chorus Flanger Phaser Tremolo Vibrato Strobe Doubler Envelope Pixelator Detune Pitch Shifter Whammy™ Digital Delay Ping Pong Delay 8 Reverb Types Features Uo tp 7 Effects at Once Up to 4 Fully Programmabe Parameters Per Effect 24 bit analog-digital Converters Bal XLR Inputs and Outputs 1/4" TRS Stereo Line Output Line Input Expression Pedal with V-Switch 6 Digital Alphanumeric display 2 digit Numeric display Rugged Metal Chassis 40 User, 40 Factory Presets