Boss BR-600

simultaneous playback tracks, 64 V-Tracks, up to 2 tracks can be recorded simultaneously. The tracks are arranged as four mono and two stereo track. You can mix up to eight tracks down to a spare virtual track where a final mastering effect can be applied, utilising compression and EQ to get the sound as powerful as possible. Sample rate 44.1 kHz, Frequency response 20 hz to 20 kHz. The BR-600 comes with five onboard effects processors:
insert effect
loop effects
track EQ,
pitch correction
mastering tool kit.
Built-in drum-machine with velocity-sensitive pads. Stereomic and USB. With 99 insert effects patches dedicated totally to electric, acoustic and bass guitars, there are instant amp sounds available for all styles, from the clean spaciousness of a Roland JC120 with chorus, through to Fender, Vox and Marshall tonalities, and full-on, hi-gain metal. Tweaking the sound of individual tracks is helped by a two-band EQ and send-and-return (loop) effects covering reverb and a choice of delay, chorus or doubling. A finished mix can be ported out of the BR-600 line outputs, but there's also a USB connection that enables any audio to be sent to a computer while being converted to a WAV or AIFF file. Backup of other BR-600 audio and data can also be done via USB, as can the loading of WAV files into the BR-600.
BR-600 allows you to automatically select the most suitable banks by pressing an INPUT SELECT button.
For example, pressing the [GUITAR] INPUT SELECT button changes you to a guitar bank patch, and pressing [LINE] changes you to a line bank patch.
Banks are a collection of effect patches.
GTR (GUITAR) : Effect patches for use with guitars. MIC : Effect patches for use on the sound from the MIC input (i.e., vocals LIN (LINE) : Effect patches for use on the sound from CDs and other external devices from the LINE input. SML (SIMUL) : Effect patches for recording vocals and a guitar together. Press either [1]–[7/8] at REC TRACK to select the recording track. If the button flashes in red, that track is ready for recording. rectrack The status of each track can be determined from the indicator on the button. Off : No recorded data exists on the track.
: Recorded data exists on the track.
: The track is selected for recording. If a track with existing data is selected for recording, the indicator will light alternately in orange and green If INPUT SELECT [LINE] or [SIMUL] are lit the input usually is stereo so the recording is normally performed on two tracks. Recording on the BR-600 is separated into three main modes: recmodes
Only the instrument sounds or other input sources arerecorded to the tracks. Sounds played back from othertracks are not recorded.
As the sounds on different tracks are played back, they are recorded together onto another track. In Bounce mode, you can play back eight tracks simultaneously and record them all to a single, separate V-Track. When the input source is selected with INPUT SELECT, you can also include those sounds in the recording. You can further include the sounds from the Rhythm in the recording as well.
Here, you apply the “Mastering Tool Kit” to the two tracks to which other tracks have been bounced to finish up with a song with levels (volume) optimized.The Rhythm cannot be used in this mode. You can adjust the tone, panning, and volume balance for each track individually. Track EQ is an independent two-band equalizer featured on each track that allows you to adjust the high- and low-frequency tonal qualities separately. The BR-600 features chorus, delay, and doubling (any one of these three can be selected at any one time) as loop effects, and includes reverb as well. The send levels for each track are separate. Opposed to insert effects, which are applied to specific sounds, loop effects are applied to the complete track. Putting multiple tracks together (Bounce) br600vtracks
br600arrangements br600arrangements br600pattern br600pattern
 1  Input section  Guitar/Bass/Mic2
		   Peak indicator
                   Rec level
				   Input select buttons
 2  Rec mode						 
 3  Exit
    Cursor buttons
	Time/Value dial
 4  Pad
	Pitch correction
	Rhytm on/off
	Rythm edit
	Phraise trainer
  5 Rec/play
  6 Track/Fader section
  7 Display
  8 Memory card
   1 Measure (measure, beat, clock)
   2 Tempo
   3 Time    (hours-minutes-seconds)
   4 Frame   (30 frames per second)