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    The Crimean Peninsula
    , also known simply as Crimea is a major land mass on the northern coast of the Black Sea that is almost completely surrounded by both the Black Sea and the smaller Sea of Azov to the northeast. Kerch Yenikale fortress in Kerch.
    is a city of regional significance on the Kerch Peninsula in the east of the Crimea. Sevastopol
    or traditionally Sebastopol is a city located in the southwestern region of the Crimean Peninsula on the Black Sea.
    is a town of regional significance in northern Crimea. Simferopol
    is a city on the Crimean peninsula.
    The City of Yalta
    is a resort city on the south coast of the Crimean Peninsula.
    The Crimean Mountains
    is a range of mountains running parallel to the south-east coast of Crimea, between about 8–13 kilometer (5–8 miles) from the sea. Toward the west, the mountains drop steeply to the Black Sea, and to the east, they change slowly into a steppe landscape. krim
    The Kerch Strait Bridge
    is a road-rail bridge under construction in Russia, to span the Strait of Kerch between the Kerch Peninsula of Crimea and the Taman Peninsula of Krasnodar Krai. The current connection is by the Kerch Strait ferry between Port Kavkaz and Port Krym.