<form method="get" action="file.html"> <button type="submit">Html home</button> </form>
tells the computer a form item is going here.
tells the computer how to handle the form command. In this case, you are making a link.
denotes what connection you want to make. Note: When using these buttons, make links using the entire URL: http://www.etc.etc.etc.
Forms are used to collect data inputted by a user. They can be used as an interface for a web application, for example, or to send data across the web. The basic tags used in the actual HTML of forms are form, input, textarea, select and option.
defines the form and within this tag, if you are using a form for a user to submit information (which we are assuming at this level), an action attribute is needed to tell the form where its contents will be sent to. The
attribute tells the form how the data in it is going to be sent and it can have the value get, which is default, and latches the form information onto a web address, or post, which (essentially) invisibly sends the forms information. <form action="processingscript.php" method="post">
<input type="text" >
or simply <input > is a standard textbox. This can also have a value attribute, which sets the initial text in the textbox.
<input type="password" >
is similar to the textbox, but the characters typed in by the user will be hidden.
<input type="checkbox" >
is a checkbox, which can be toggled on and off by the user. This can also have a checked attribute and makes the initial state of the check box to be switched on, as it were.
<input type="radio" >
is similar to a checkbox, but the user can only select one radio button in a group. This can also have a checked attribute.
<input type="submit" value="name" >
is a button that when selected will submit the form.
is a large, multi-line textbox. <textarea rows="5" cols="20" >A big load of text</textarea > The select tag works with the option tag to make drop-down select boxes. <select > <option >Option 1</option > <option >Option 2</option > <option value="third option" >Option 3</option > </select >
To all of the fields, the attribute name needs to be added,
for example <input type="text" name="talkingsponge" >. eg: <p><input type="radio" name="hello" value="ant">ant</p>