Geography - Poland


Poland Poland Poland
, officially the Republic of Poland (Polish: Rzeczpospolita Polska, is a country in Central Europe. Warsaw
is the capital and largest city of Poland. It stands on the Vistula River in east-central Poland.
, also Cracow or Krakow is the second largest' and one of the oldest cities in Poland.
, also known by other alternative names) is a Polish city on the Baltic coast.
The Vistula
is the longest and largest river in Poland, at 1,047 kilometres (651 miles) in length. The drainage basin area of the Vistula is 194,424 km2 (75,068 sq mi), of which 168,699 km2 (65,135 sq mi) lies within Poland (splitting the country in half). The remainder is in Belarus, Ukraine and Slovakia.
is a region in northern Poland famous for its 2,000 lakes.
The Sudetes
are a mountain range in Central Europe. The range stretches from eastern Germany along the northern border of the Czech Republic to south-western Poland.
The Carpathians
are a mountain system located in eastern Europe, and the source of the Dniester, Tisza and Vistula Rivers. They form the natural border between Slovakia and southern Poland, and then extend southward through Ukraine and into Romania.