Age of Empires civilizations
Age of Kings:
Western Europe: Britons - Archer civilization; Representing the English. Mostly based in 14th-15th century England (Hundred Years War); Celts - Infantry and Siege civilization; Representing the pre-Anglo-Saxon peoples of the British Isles (Scotland, Ireland and Wales). Mostly based in 14th century's Scotland (First Scottish War of Independence [1296-1328]); Franks - Cavalry civilization; Representing the Frankish Empire and also a general depiction Medieval France; Partly based in the Carolingian Era, but also in France during the Hundred Years War (see Joan of Arc Campaign); Central/Northern Europe: Goths- Infantry civilization/Early game raiding civilization; Represent the Visigothic and Ostrogothic tribes that invaded Rome in the 5th century and caused the final collapse of the Western Roman Empire; Based on 5th century Goths; Teutons- Infantry civilization; Comes to Represent Middle Ages Germans, basically; Based on the Holy Roman Empire in the times of Barbarossa and partially also on late Middle Ages German knight orders of the Baltic (see the unique unit: Teutonic Knight); Vikings- Navy civilization; Representing populations from Scandinavia; Mainly focused in 11th century Norsemen, who sailed to Iceland, Greenland and Vinland (Canada); Middle East: Byzantines- Defensive and Siege civilization; Representing the Eastern Roman Empire; Focused in the pre-Heraclian Byzantines (hence units speak Latin, not Greek), who, under command of emperor Justinian and his general Belisarius, reconquered Rome and much of Italy and Africa for the Romans (as they called themselves); Persians- Cavalry civilization; Represents the Persian Empire, a major power that was an often rival of Rome and then Constantinople; Seems to be mainly based on late Antiquity's Iran; Saracens- Camel and monk civilization; Represents Middle Ages Arabs; Apparently based on Muslim armies that fought the first three Crusades (See Saladin Campaign); Turks- Gunpowder civilization; Represents Turkic peoples (both Seljuks and Ottomans); East Asian: Chinese- Archer civilization; Representing China (seems to have a pretty pre-Yuan focus); Japanese- Infantry/Navy civilization; Based on Japan (apparently very Kamakura-Muromachi period); Mongols- Cavalry/Early game raid civ; Represents the Mongols (noticeably from the time of Genghis Khan's expansion);
Age of the Conquerors::
American: Aztecs- Infantry civilization; Represents Aztecs (from the foundation of Tenochtítlan to the times of European arrival); Mayans- Archer civilization; Represents Mayan populations from Mexico and Central America; Seems to focus in post-classic period; Western European: Spanish- Monk and gunpowder civilization; Represents Spain (Castille-Leon-Aragon); Very focused in Reconquista and then in the Overseas expansion; Northern European (it is shown as Northern European in architecture, but is actually an Asian civilization): Huns- Nomadic cavalry civilization; Represents the Huns of Attila, basically; East Asian: Koreans- Defensive Navy civilization; Represents Korea; Mainly during 16th century wars against the Japanese;
Age of Forgotten Empires:
Southern European: Italians- Archer and Support civilization; Represents Middle Ages Italian city-states. Apparently mainly based on Renaissance Genoa/Florence/Milan (see the unique units "Genoese Crossbowman"/"Condottiero"); American: Incas- Infantry civilization; Representing 16th century Quechuas ; Middle-Eastern (in architecture): Indians- Camel and gunpowder civilization; Represents India; Apparently focused on Northern/Central India from 12th century (Privithraj campaign) to the Mughal era; Eastern European: Magyars- Cavalry civilization; Represents Middle Ages Hungary (seems to focus on the times of "Honfoglal√°s" to the Battle of Lechfeldt); Slavs - Infantry and siege civilization; Represents the Slavic peoples of Middle Ages; Age of Forgotten Empires: The African Kingdoms: Southern European: Portuguese - Naval and gunpowder civilization; Represents Portugal, focusing mainly on the Age of Discoveries; Middle Eastern: Berbers - Cavalry civilization; Represent the Berber peoples of Maghrib; Focus on the conquest of the Iberian Peninsula during the 8th century; Subsaharan African: Malians - Infantry civilization; Represents the Mali Empire, of 13th century Sahel; Ethiopians - Archer and siege civilization; Representing Abyssinia/Ethiopia, mainly during the Aksumite Empire;