Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone
, officially the Republic of Sierra Leone, is a country in West Africa. Freetown
is the capital and largest city of Sierra Leone. It is a major port city on the Atlantic Ocean and is located in the Western Area of the country.
The Jong river
is a river flowing through Sierra Leone. It passes by the city of Mattru Jong, and flows into the Atlantic Ocean via some deltas.
The Rokel River
is the largest river in the Republic of Sierra Leone in West Africa.
The Loma Mountains
are the highest mountain range in Sierra Leone. The highest peak is
Mount Bintumani
(also known as Loma Mansa) which rises to a height of 1,945 metres (6,381 ft).
The Banana Islands
are a group of islands that lie off the coast, south west of the Freetown Peninsula in the Western Area of Sierra Leone.